Monday, July 28, 2008

my dream

As a child, i have always dream to go to the university...and i worked hard to make my dream come has taken me more time than the other students but i am now completing my last semester at the university, i am proud of myself and i am already dreaming of the next course that i will apply for next year...we are living in a changing society and we are always learning. In Mauritius education is free of charge, therefore everyone can have the opportunity to have at least a high school diploma but unfortunately not everyone sees the importance of education or not everyone has angels to look after them like i is the only way to fight poverty and my dream for my country is to have a society where we all care for our neighbor and where every parent has as priority the education of his/her children and do everything he/she can to help the child grow emotionally,physically,and socially.
It does not matters how much time a child takes to complete the secondary system but it is important that he/she has a base and develop his own abilities and talents so that he/she can be a fully human and fully alive person.
This is a picture of the university of Mauritius (old block)

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